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Introduction of Research

Cyber Security Research Division

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We are researching and developing key cyber security technologies in various areas of cyber security, such as quantum-era encryption, avatar authentication, intelligent systems and networks, device and user protection, hacking detection and response, and testing and verification of various security fields, in order to enjoy the upcoming metaverse environment more safely.

Four research sections and one center, including the Cryptographic & Authentication Base Technology Research Section, AI Convergence Security Research Section, Intelligent Network Security Research Section, and System Security Research Section, and Cyber Warfare Technology Research Center are conducting research on highly advanced cyber security technologies to realize a safe metaverse world by guaranteeing high degrees of freedom in the connections between various subjects that make up the metaverse, such as networks, systems, devices, users, and avatars, and incorporating preemptive and proactive security functions.

Cyber Security Research Division Image

Assistant Vice President KIM, Jeong Nyeo

  • TEL.+82-42-860-4884