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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow

Introduction of Research

Future & Basic Technology Research Division

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Future and Basic Technology research division is seeking to discover new future technologies in terms of ‘disruptive’ and ‘original’ technology with the direction of "providing future technology growth by revitalizing creative challenge research". The ‘disruptive’ technology emphasizes destruction of tradition, industry reorganization, and profit maximization, while the ‘original’ technology aims at the world's first and most unique technologies. To this purpose, we will pursue creative research in all fields of ICT for information generation, sensing, processing, storage, and transmission.

Future and Basic Technology research division is aiming at various directions of creative research such as brain wave communication, mental model, breakthrough of transmission limit, breakthrough of communication method, and guarantee of AI reliability, etc. We are committed to the development of future intelligence (cloud intelligence enhancement eyewear), ultra connectivity (ultra trust enhancement communication), ultra sense (wearable ultra sense communication), and creative challenge (brain synapse and emotion cognition device) as the leader of ICT creative technology.

Also, research on the photonics- and RF-electronics-based THz core technologies ranging from THz generation/detection devices to THz application systems have been performed. Currently we are working on novel THz technologies such as wavefront shaping, THz 3D imaging, non-destructive inspection, security screening, and wireless communications in order to be the leading frontier of THz technologies.

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Assistant Vice President PARK, Kyung Hyun

  • TEL.+82-42-860-1343