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Introduction of Research

Management Strategy Department

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Management Strategy Department consists of the following four sub-sections : (1) Management Strategy & Planning Section, (2) Institution Innovation Section, (3) Customer Satisfaction Management Section, and (4) Quality Innovation Section.

As exclusively responsible for a master plan related management of Institute and Customer Satisfaction about organization and research results, Our Department is finally aiming at enhancing satisfaction for customers. In other words, we are on the process of developing the management direction of Institute, H/W to carry forward, and also providing feedback from the customer's opinion.
In addition, we are promoting business from requirements on the National Assembly and government to developmental strategy of Institute, internal organization culture and improvement of external integrity.

We will do our best to our customer's full satisfaction, on the forefront of a leaping, rational, and open management the management goal of ETRI.

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Executive Director OH JIN HWAN