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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Honam ICT Convergence Strategy Research Section

호남권 ICT 융합전략 연구실 이미지

Regional ICT Convergence Section, which was newly established on January 2019, supports the regional innovation growth with the relation of the regional strategic industry such as optical communication, automobile, energy, healthcare, and et cetera through the search, utilization and proposal of appropriate technologies needed for the improvement of quality of life(QoL) and its sustainability in the Honam region. This section takes charge of the previous tasks for Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) support, and the new ones for the help of regional policy-making and project planning using main core technologies of the fourth industry innovation such as DNA(Data, Network, and Artificial Intelligence) or AICBM(Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cloud, Big-data, Mobile) in order to get to the goal. To put them specifically, the tasks of SMEs support include "operation of international authorized testing laboratory for optical communication components", "support for 3D convergence Business Center", and "Q-mark verification of the R&D results from the Honam Research Center and so on, and the ones of regional policy-making and project planning handle smart city and living lab., blockchain, artificial intelligence, culture contents and so on.

Honam ICT Convergence Strategy Research Section Image

Director KIM, Young Hwa