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Technology PioneerMaking Happy Future through Digital Innovation


Introduction of Research

Intelligence Information Research Division

지능정보연구본부 이미지

We aim to secure long-term Artificial Intelligence technologies that can see, listen and learn like humans.

Our research is focused on Language Intelligence, Voice Intelligence, Visual Intelligence, Smart Data and Human Augmentation; core technologies that will inevitably lead the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Furthermore, we are probing original technologies such as Incremental Learning and Integrated Intelligence to adapt to emerging next-generation advancements post-Deep Learning.

Our plan is to acquire highly crucial Intelligence/Information technologies by adopting a select and concentrate strategy, and we want to support the ecosystem of domestic Intelligence/Information industries by supplying and spreading our secured technology through Open API platforms.

Intelligence Information Research Division Image

Assistant Vice President KIM, Young Kil

  • TEL.+82-42-860-6302