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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Diagnosis Platform Research Section

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The Diagnosis Platform Research Section aims to establish "automation system" and to implement “application of the portable diagnostic kit/device” for realization of “the rapid on-site FMD diagnostic system and foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) diagnosis EIEC (Easy-Input-Easy-Connect) system".
For FMD, sensitivity is more important than the specificity because it is required to diagnose it exactly as a positive with a simple diagnosis for a quick initial response when it became a national disaster-type disease. However, few medical tests have a sensitivity or specificity of more than 99% and we generally use the tests that have a sensitivity or specificity of more than 90%. It doesn’t make sense to ask for more than 99% specificity through simple on-site diagnosis. We plan to 1) develop an antibody engineering technology for high-sensitivity diagnosis, 2) develop the nanomaterial-based technology for utilizing foot-and-mouth disease virus antibodies, 3) develop the nanomaterial-based high-speed PCR technology, and 4) develop the system for foot-and-mouth disease on-site diagnosis and automation and data collection (EIEC, Easy-Input-Easy-Connect).

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Director CHUNG, Kwang Hyo

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