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Technology PioneerMaking Happy Future through Digital Innovation


Introduction of Research

Intelligent System Research Section

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Industry related to the people's food problem should be solved by the international community. It comprises a very complex ecosystem that is related to various global risks, including global population growth, aging of the production population, increasing disease, climate change, water shortage, energy crisis, low carbon, and ecosystem destruction. ICT convergence is a major industry in the convergence field that enhances productivity by applying ICT technology to various value chain stages such as production base, production, distribution, and consumption, and creates new value added through convergence of information. Especially, we need to address many things from safe food, environmental pollution to sustainable projects that are not affected by freedom and climate change.
Intelligent System Research Section are developing a core platform for smart farms and preventing and managing the growing number of livestock diseases worldwide. In addition, the company is responsible for the development of service platforms by the SDF Convergence Research Group and is responsible for the development of system architectures and core technologies such as service requirements analysis, integrated test planning, and test bed and test environment. Support companies and organizations related to agricultural and livestock industries through the diffusion of data-driven intelligent platforms combined with intelligent information technologies such as the I oT, AI, Cloud Computing, and Bigdata technologies. Through these efforts, we will contribute to the development of intelligent information ecosystem in the areas of agricultural and livestock industries that can solve national and social pending issues and create new industries.

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Director KIM, Se Han

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