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Introduction of Research

Photonic/Wireless Devices Research Division

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For the purpose of a hyper-connected society, the use of compound semiconductor based electronic and optical devices to facilitate ultra high frequency broadband convergence network is inevitable.

Our division focuses on the following R&D areas: The compound semiconductors such as InP, GaAs, SiGe, and GaN are used to develop the MMIC and its transceiver module with cost-effective small, light weight, and low power consumption for millimeter wave wireless communication systems.

In addition, we are engaged in vigorous R&D on advanced photonics and RF-photonic technologies which bring new innovations and new possibilities for the tera-bit optical communications based on the photonic integrated circuits and millimeter-wave MMICs. We are also currently working on a project to predict green algal tides making use of several ICT technologies to solve environmental problems.

Photonic/Wireless Devices Research Division Image

Assistant Vice President KWON, Yong Hwan

  • TEL.+82-42-860-5377