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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

SW-SoC Development Environment Research Section

SW-SoC개발환경연구실 이미지

In order to support SoC fabless, we are responsible for establishing industrial SoC infrastructure to support fabless.
By building expensive SoC infrastructure and helping companies jointly use it, the researchers are striving to strengthen the competitive power of Korean SoC industry and expand its technological base.
We also support an environment for joint IP use and verification to shorten the period required for product development and minimize the risk of development.

O Major Works
- To construct the SoC EDA Infrastructure for SW-SoC Design⦁Verification
- To support the SoC Design with SoC IPs
- To offer the customized  SW-SoC Design⦁Verification services for Enterprise   

SW-SoC Development Environment Research Section Image

Director JOO, Yu Sang

  • TEL.+82-31-739-7250