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Introduction of Research

Mobility IT Convergence Research Section

모빌리티IT융합연구실 이미지

Mobility IT Convergence Research Section is conducting research in various mobility fields that integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information Technology (IT). The main research areas include ▲Mobility Control Platform Technology ▲Mobility Unmanned Driving Technology ▲AI-based Mobility Data Analysis and Prediction ▲Cloud-based Mobility Application Services ▲AI-based Autonomous Smart Farm Solution ▲Connected Smart Farm Bots ▲Integrated Control Systems for Intelligent Smart Farming.

In addition, we are developing technologies to solve issues in the local community and engaging in diverse activities for the commercialize and diffusion of mobility and smart farming technologies based on technology development cooperation in response to local companies' technology demands.

● Mobility Control Platform and Unmanned Driving Technology
- Development of module integrated mobility control SW and HW
- Development of sensor fusion-base environmental recognition and unmanned driving technology

● Mobility monitoring, control, and application service technology
- Development of multi-mobility monitoring and control technology (driving, traffic, parking)
- Development of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) technology such as mobility sharing

● Smart Agricultural and Fishery ICT convergence technology
- Development of connected farmbot and AI-based autonomous smart farm solution technology
- Development of intelligent smart aquaculture integrated control system technology

Mobility IT Convergence Research Section Image

Director CHUNG, Yun-Su

  • TEL.+82-53-670-8026