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SDF(Smart Defense for Foot and Mouth Disease) Convergence Research Department

SDF(Smart Defense for Foot and Mouth Disease) Convergence Research Department Image

Since 2000, foot-and-mouth disease(FMD) has continued to occur in Korea. The SDFCRD(Smart Defence for FMD Convergence Research Department) has a goal to achieve efficiently defence technologies for FMD based on Information, Communication, and Intelligence Technology with overcoming existing fragmented analog manual-based countermeasures. To defence FMD intelligently, SDFCRD is researching and developing on early detection, on-site diagnosis, first-aid prevention and spread prevention of livestock diseases. In addition, we are developing a step-by-step and intelligent anti-virus management system to jointly develop core technologies that maximize the efficiency of FMD response through collaboration with FMD experts.

The SDFCRD is organized by ETRI, and participates researchers from the government-funded research institute, ‘Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology(KRIBB)’. In addition, FMD and animal husbandry specialized universities and preventive measures oriented companies and public institutions are engaged in the practical research project supported by ‘R&D Convergence program of NST(National Research Council of Science & Technology)’ for the implementation of the scientific FMD response system. By concentrating the core abilities of the participants, the SDFCRD is researching and developing intelligent defence technologies for FMD and solving national/social problems.

The main research area of SDFCRD is on the early detection of FMD such as bio signals, video information based activities and voice oriented disease symptoms of swine using artificial intelligence(AI) technologies. To construct intelligent defence system, domestic FMD risk prediction in case of overseas FMD outbreaks, high sensitivity diagnosis based on biological engineering, the automatic alarming of emergency first aid, application-based disinfection of livestock vehicles, VR utilized education system such as vaccination, anti-virus and preventive measures. By converging Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, SDFCRD will contribute to realize safe nation and society based on preemptive response systems to FMD.

  • To make a Leading Country for Intelligent Defence of Livestock Disease

  • Development of Intelligent Management Technologies for FMD

SDF(Smart Defense for Foot and Mouth Disease) Convergence Research Department Image

Managing DirectorYU, Han Young

  • TEL.+82-42-860-5905
  • FAX.+82-42-860-4965