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Artificial Intelligence Application Research Section

Artificial Intelligence Application Research Section Image

Researchers in our section are devoted in the topics that use machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) to develop A.I. features in several domains of applications. Our notable technology includes: automatic traffic control in the traffic domain, outlier detection module for security domain, and platform and database management for automatic productions domain. The section pursue ways to alleviate on-going social demands by contributing A.I. solutions and also aims to support small and medium enterprises (SME) by providing accessible technical solutions for technologies that are in high demand.

○ Real-time recognition of traffic information by visual information
- Intelligent traffic information recognition technology : Detecting and tracking vehicles in roads(road/intersection)
- Demonstration and commercialization of real-time traffic information recognition technology

○ Multi-object recognition platform technology for safe city
- Real-time multi-object recognition technology : Video summarization(security field) technology based on object recognition
- Edge camera multi-recognition platform technology : Embedded-based object recognition technology

○ Vision-based product inspection technology and data analysis platform technology for smart factory construction
- Vision-based product inspection technology : Development of non-standard car parts inspection technology
- Equipment/sensor data acquisition and analysis for smart factory platform : Data processing analysis technology

Artificial Intelligence Application Research Section Image

DirectorJANG, In Su

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