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Reality Devices Research Division

Reality Devices Research Division Image

As the information society becomes more sophisticated and diversified, there is a growing demand for devices that can read and output more realistic information in the exchange of information between humans and humans, humans and objects, objects and objects. The reality devices have the capacity that can input/output human sense of vision, hearing, tactile sense, etc. Such devices can be incorporated into various forms of display, microphone/speaker, and electronic skin.

At our Reality Devices Research Division, we focus on developing next generation displays, multi-functional sensors, realistic image panel, and skin electronic devices. Also Stretchable displays, MEMS sensor devices and modules, digital holography optical modulator, OLED microdisplay, and sensory input/output panels are being investigated as core technologies. We utilize our technology infrastructure to develop prototypes for material/part/equipment companies in related fields and provide technical support for them to resolve their technology hurdles.

Reality Devices Research Division will contribute to enhancement of national technology and industrial competitiveness by developing technology of materials & components for reality devices for improving quality of life.

Reality Devices Research Division Image

Assistant Vice PresidentPARK, Chan Woo

  • TEL.+82-42-860-5249