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Sudogwon Research Division

Sudogwon Research Division Image

The Sudogwon Research Center was established in 1997 to foster the system semiconductor industry, and the Seoul SW-SoC Convergence R & BD Center was renamed in 2012 to develop the SW-SoC industry.

The Sudogwon Research Center aims to play a role as a hub for the development of the SW-SoC industry by conducting R&BD in connection with regional ICT strategic industries and establishing a foundation for system semiconductor technology development.

To this end, we operate specialized human resource training programs based on industry demand to foster a well-trained workforce for SoC design with IT convergence knowledge.
We also endeavor to strengthen the industrial competitiveness of domestic small businesses through promoting hidden champions of fabless companies and the localization of parts.

In addition, we are focusing on securing AI software solution applicable to the various domains such as next-generation contents, smart manufacturing, autonomous driving and healthcare. we are also conducting R&BD in connection with local strategic industries to diffuse the R&D performance from ETRI

Sudogwon Research Center, which is located in central Pangyo, has been engaged in supporting small business companies. It’s role is expected to grow along with the national strategy that Pangyo will be built as ICT venture hub

  • Vision

    Core innovation for AI Software and System Semiconductor Industry

  • Goal

    - To create AI Convergence Technology and the industry ecosystem of SW-SoC.
    - To support regional future major industries and the growth of small-and-medium-sized companies.
    - To make a key policy for Intelligence Digital Transformation and regional cooperative tasks

Sudogwon Research Division Image

Vice PresidentROH, Yea Chul

  • TEL.+82-31-739-7277